Pretty crappy: Litterbug wastes toilet paper in Troy

March 30, 2020, 11:47 AM by  Jack Thomas

Photo: Troy Police Department

The current state of affairs has made toilet paper a luxury item for the unwiped masses. Evidently, someone in Troy didn't get the memo and scattered unused toilet paper across the road in front of Troy Athens High School. 

The toilet paper could have gone to a good home. Instead, it will be thrown away without a proper christening (or perhaps saved for evidence). The Troy Police Department wants anyone with knowledge of the incident to speak up.

"If this was intentional, MDOTP. Malicious Destruction of TP. If it was not intentional, CDOTP — careless destruction,” the department tweets.

This is not the first toilet paper incident in recent memory that captured local police attention. Earlier this month, Canton police caught a scalper selling toilet paper for $60 a case in a Meijer parking lot, WXYZ reported.

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