400 teens must isolate after Macomb high school's Covid outbreak

March 23, 2021, 9:22 AM

Everyone at Eisenhower High School in Shelby Township is back in remote learning today "due to a significant number of new cases of Covid-19," the principal tells parents.


Tests confirm roughly 40 positive Covid diagnoses among students, the district says. All 400-plus students should quarantine at home, "as mandated by the Macomb County Health Department," adds Jared McEvoy. "We need to take this step now to pause in-person instruction to reduce any further spread in our community."

In-person classes restart April 19. "We anticipate students scheduled to test on April 13 and 14 will be able to do so in person," the principal says, referring to midterm exams.

The Utica district school on 25 Mile Road in Shelby Township (Photo: Google)

"Spring sports tryouts will be paused," McEvoy continues in a letter to parents Monday, also signed by Robert Monroe, interim superintendent of Utica Community Schools. Winter season athletes with playoff events "will be able to complete those activities following new guidelines from the State of Michigan," the administrators add. 

Our ability to return to – and remain in – full day in-person instruction depends on all of us. It is critical that all of us take the necessary steps to mitigate the spread in our community. These include self-screening and staying home if you do not feel well, the use of face coverings, distancing, regular handwashing and the use of disinfectant.

Elsewhere in Macomb, Warren Consolidated Schools reverts to remote instruction the week of April 12, following spring break, to slow a rise in cases there, WDIV reports.

And in two other Detroit suburbs, weekly state health department data shows 15 new Covid diagnoses at each of these parochial schools:

  • Our Shepard Lutheran, Birmingham (middle school students and staff)

  • Divine Child High School, Dearborn (students)

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