Gallery: Yes It's So-So Cold, But It's Opening Day. So Play Ball

April 01, 2021, 2:37 PM

Under overcast skies, intermittent light snow and temperatures in the low 30s, the Opening Day pitch from Tiger Matthew Boyd came at 1:14 p.m. Thursday at Comerica Park.  

The 2021 season officially began and brought a 3-2 win over the Cleveland Indians.

After a Miguel Cabrera homer in the first inning, the sun eventually was shining over the chilly ballpark. Underneath the fans' layers of clothing, scarves and ski caps was some real enthusiasm. And nearby, at bars, beer flowed.

Ordinarily, it would have just been another too-cold for baseball Opening Day. But this one was different. Last year's was delayed, and when the abbreviated season finally began, there were no fans.

This year, the Tigers are allowed up to 8,200 fans per game until state health safety rules relax.

Here are some snaps of the action

Photos by Michael Lucido

Small crowds gather at the gates to get inside Comerica Stadium
(Left to Right) Friends John Mooney & Scott Paul arriving to cheer on the Tigers
Father Matt Jakubowski & son Matt gearing up for a chilly day in Comerica Park Stadium
Terrel Wilson flying a kite high amongst a cloudy sky at Comerica Park
(Left to Right) Cousins Tony Rinna & Donna Bennett from Southgate are showing their support for the Detroit Tigers
Patrons of the Tin Roof across the street from Comerica Park enjoying some drinks on a chilly Opening Day
Patrons listening to live music at the Tin Roof for Opening Day
Mother Bethany Black and children wait outside the gates of Comerica Park ready for Opening Day
Lea Frazier shows her support with a Tigers mask and multiple buttons for Opening Day
The Andrade family arriving to Comerica Park to cheer on their favorite team, the Detroit Tigers
(Left to Right) Laurie Goss & Dianne Wright from Monroe showing their support for the Clevland Indians at Comerica Park
Detroit Judge Craig Strong showing up to Comerica Park in his orange fur jacket and blue hat to show his support for the Detroit Tigers.
Old friends Steve & Liljohn braving the chilly weather to show their support on Opening Day.
(Left to Right) Friends Alysa Trump & Shawn Wilhoite getting ready to cheer on the Tigers.
And of course, its not opening day without the guy speaking through the microphone about religion to an audience of scooters.





















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