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The Washington Post's Take on Detroit-Style Pizza and the Hallmark Crust

March 14, 2024, 11:49 AM

The Washington Post gives its take on pizza styles around the country from New York to Chicago to New Haven to California to Detroit.

Gabe Hiatt of the Post writes on Detroit-style pizza:

Call it frico, a cheese skirt or a Maillard miracle: a crispy, caramelized exterior running up the sides of the crust is one of the hallmarks of a Detroit-style pizza.

Baked in an angled, deep-dish pan, these square pies should have a deeply browned bottom that contrasts with a soft, springy center. Pepperoni, the original topping, should be placed directly onto the dough before baking. Then a generous layer of shredded high-fat cheese — traditionally buttery Wisconsin brick, mozzarella or a blend — spills over the edges and makes for coveted corners. Sauce generally goes on top, unless you’re ordering from one of the hundreds of Jet’s franchises scattered across the country.

For the section on Detroit pizzas, the Post mentions Buddy's, Loui's in Hazel Park, Grandma Bob's in Detroit's Corktown, Palazzo Di Pizza in Royal Oak and Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant in Eastpointe.

Hiatt concludes:

Today, another wave of cooks are putting their own spin on the Motown method, including vegan pizzas from Brittany March’s pop-up out of an East Detroit community center; halal lamb and za’atar pies made by a staff of formerly incarcerated workers at Down North in Philadelphia; and an Ethiopian American tibs pizza from chef Paulos Belay at the Motown Square carryout in D.C.

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